Grand Opening

When: 06-09-2013 19:00
Where: 4MKB Center, Bredewater 16 Zoetermeer
Meetup link: Meetup link

Our first official meetup!


• 19:00 - 19:30: Welcome with drinks & snacks 

• 19:20 - 19:30: Intro by SweetlakePHP 

• 19:30 - 20:00: Grand Opening by Eamon Leonard (remote) 

• 20:00 - 20:30: What to expect, aka "how can you help" 

• 20:30 - 20:45: Break 

• 20:45 - 21:45: Depedency Managent Smells by Matthias Noback 

• 21:45 - 22:00: Raffle, Announcements, Feedback

Grand Opening by Eamon Leonard 

When the idea for SweelakePHP was born last april, it was actually not intended as a usergroup. The idea was to just reach out to local developers to bring existing user groups to their attention. But at the Dutch PHP Conference '13, the keynote speaker was Eamon Leonard - and he hit home. Hard. During his talk, the first tweet was sent out to get people together resulting in SweetlakePHP. And that's why we're insanely thrilled to have him as our opening speaker!

About Eamon Leonard: I’ve been a developer since the mid 90′s, though I don’t write as much code as I used to. I am VP Developers³ at Engine Yard, pioneers of Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology, and the best group of people I’ve ever worked with.

What to expect, aka "how can you help"

This will be a short introduction to our ideas for the group. It won't be a 30 minute talk, but rather an open conversation with some questions to get things started:

- We'd like to get a fixed location for meetups in Den Haag. Who can help with that?

- Are there any speakers willing to do talks? How could we help new speakers get started?

- Talk subject suggestions?

- Any input by you! Contact us with ideas.

Dependency Management Smells by Matthias Noback 

In this talk I will describe a couple of very recognizable and also very well fixable Dependency Injection Smells. After showing a code fragment which contains one of these DI smells, I will continue to work out different scenarios in which the situation gets out of hand and the smell becomes too bad. A solution then comes from existing design patterns and some general design principles.

Bonus: He will also be talking a little bit about his new book: A Year with Symfony

About Matthias Noback: Since 2002 I have been developing websites and PHP applications, both as a freelancer and as an employee of Driebit (Amsterdam), where I learnt symfony 1, and later at IPPZ (Utrecht), where I have become a back-end PHP/Symfony2 developer responsible for internal quality of the codebase.


• a ticket to PFCongres 13th and 14th of September 

• a copy of Matthias Noback's book A Year with Symfony

• Not exactly a raffle but: a free Engineyard shirt for EVERY attendee!


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